Monday, November 06, 2006

Rule Animation

Business Rules Manager showing the new enhancements in the Interactive Rule Map.

Discovery of new galaxies?


Kavita said...

Hi Marco - Kavita here - I had seen this comment from you on the rules team blog, but there was no email. Just wanted to let you know I ran into Mike Parish and he walked me through Corticon...

Hey Kavita,

Unfortunately I can't make it myself. But if you like to see the new Business Rule Editor from Acumen Business, you can ask Mike Parish who is giving various presentations at the Business Rules Forum. We just installed the latest version on his machine.

He will be most of the time at the booth of Corticon. Just tell him that Marco sent you.

Have fun, you will see some intereting presentations.

Marco Ensing said...

I hope he showed you the new stuff from Acumen Business as well.

I just updated the demo for the UServ application for tomorrow.
And the answer is? $4805.50 (?)

make files explained if you did not grew up with them

Here is a nice post on how to define makefiles for a go project and actually teaching you some makefile constructs: